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Monday thru Friday  3pm – 5pm  $2.00 Mixers & Beer



May 27th


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8pm - 12am

May 28th

"Scotty Meyer Band"

May 28th



Bloody Mary Bar

Every Saturday and Sunday

11am - 2pm



Welcome to the Lake Camelot Property Owner's Association

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Annual Board of Director Election June 18, 2016. PLEASE RETURN PROXIES!

Member Services open Saturdays 9am - 5pm and Sundays 9am - 1pm.

Summer Hours begin May 28th, 2016 7 days a week 9am - 5pm.


 Summer 2016 Location – Tri-Lakes Management District located in Town of Rome, northern Adams County

The Tri-Lakes Management District encompasses three recreational lakes in northern Adams County.These lakes include Upper Camelot – 191 acres, Lower Camelot – 260 acres, Sherwood – 250 acres and Arrowhead – 295 acres.  The vitality of these lakes is extremely important because of the economic impact that they provide not only to the Town of Rome, but also to Adams County.  We will be continuing an AIS education program this summer including a boat launch monitoring project using guidelines established under the Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program.  We are looking for 2 summer interns to work up to 30 hours each for 12- 15 weeks.  Duties would include, but not be limited to the following:  1) monitor our 3 public boat landings on a rotational basis as designated to include weekends; 2) aid in monitoring Zebra Mussel population in all three lakes; 3) work with lake volunteers on each lake to do monthly water testing; 4)collect weed samples from each lake per protocol and deliver to UW-SP lab to have the phosphorus levels measured; 5) help determine phosphorus loading in various species of aquatic plants; 6) assist in purple loosestrife control program through the placement of cella beetles and 6) identification of invasive species and surveillance monitoring.  Pay is $10/hour with a per diem allowance.  Candidates will be selected in April and will work from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  You may contact Barb Herreid at Tri-Lakes for more information: or 715-325-3250.

Water Levels April 22, 2016

Update on Camelot, Sherwood and Arrowhead levels:  Work continues to address the open gate on Lake Arrowhead - levels there are low and may continue to be low over the weekend.  Sherwood has come up again and will probably be sufficient to enable boats and lifts to be put in over the weekend.  However, at some point it will need to be lowered again in order to obtain access to the Lower Camelot dam gate.  Please be aware that if there is an emergency, these plans can change.
Barb Herreid

Tri-Lakes Management District

1555 Apache Avenue

Nekoosa, WI 54457(715) 325-3250

Lake Camelot Job Application

If you would like to receive E-News or E-Alerts or have an address change please contact Business office at 715/325-5083 or email

Wireless password in members only section. Changes May 2, 2016


Cheryl Knapp – President  Paul Weber – Vice President

Jerry Jensen– Treasurer  Larry Bultman– Secretary

Mark Hardt  James Gohman

Kathy Halverson

The Lodge


Lake Camelot Lodge is first and foremost here for all the members of the L.C.P.O.A. It's your lodge! It serves many purposes from catering to our younger residents with the playground area and its new equipment addition, to assisting all of the members in our Members Services Center and the Business Office, to having a beautiful area to have an ice cream, to a great meeting place at Camelot on the Lake. The grounds have been the host of the annual Frolics, weddings, birthday and retirement parties, meetings and family gatherings. It's a perfect setting!

The Lodge is home to all L.C.P.O.A. board meetings. All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend, the meetings are the third Saturday of each month, except no meetings in February, August, November or December. You have a very dedicated group of Board of Directors. This group is truly interested in your on-going ideas and suggestions to help build and maintain Lake Camelot as the best place to live and play!!

The L.C.P.O.A. would like to ask all of you who have internet access to sign up for the electronic newsletter. We have implemented a monthly E-News that is a quick informative newsletter of monthly events and things to know. Follow the Facebook link to - Lake Camelot Property Owners Association. With our new website, we are hoping that we have made it much more user friendly. These are just a few ways we are trying to get as much communication out to our membership as we can to keep you informed!

Members Service Center & Business Office Hours


Business Office - The LCPOA Business Office is open Monday through Wednesday 9am -2pm.

The Member Services Department open Saturdays 9am - 5pm and Sundays 9am - 1pm through Memorial weekend. Beginning May 28th Member Services will be open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm. 






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